NTT DATA starts demonstrations to extract remote and contactless vital signs using smartphones
Wednesday, 07 October, 2020

NTT DATA has announced demonstrations for contactless measurement of vital signs using the technology owned by, the champion of NTT DATA’s Open Innovation Contest 10. The technology enables the measurement of blood oxygen saturation, respiration rate, heart rate, stress value, etc. by analyzing a video of the upper cheek region of a human face with a smartphone, tablet or laptop camera, and in the future, blood pressure and skin temperature, etc. will be made available.

These which is then transferred to Health Data Bank®. Health Data Bank is a health management service provided by NTT DATA to approximately 2,000 organizations consisting of 4 million employees.

These measurement results are important for daily health management and also include important vital signs as indicators to assess the severity of COVID-19. With recent changes in working styles, such as the increase in telecommuting, there is a need for changes in the way companies handle employees’ health management in the field of occupational health. Until now, occupational health checks have been at a medical facility.

Thus, NTT DATA has undertaken a demonstration related to remote and contactless occupational health activities using the contactless vital sign extraction technology of Through this demonstration, the company will address new health issues in congruence with the diversification of working styles in order to realize a new method of health management.

In the demonstration carried out, NTT DATA and will create a prototype application and verify the effectiveness of remote occupational health activities in cooperation with companies and occupational physicians.

This will be proceeded with the available data: Heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, and stress level; and linked with data to be extracted: Body temperature, blood pressure, blood alcohol concentration, hemoglobin level.

It is becoming difficult to obtain vital data such like blood pressure which is important in the prevention of lifestyle-related and other diseases while working in a dispersed, remote environment. The propose is that, by linking these vital data points with medical examination data stored in the Health Data Bank, it will be possible to ensure the continued quality of occupational health.

In this demonstration, the contactless vital sign extraction technology has been adopted, which is owned by Binah ai, an Israeli company and won the top award for "The 10th Global Open Innovation Contest presented by From the Port of Toyosu®”  

After verifying the demonstration results, NTT DATA plans to launch this service in October 2020, aiming to provide this technology to 200 organizations with 400,000 employees by the end of FY2022 (March 2023). In addition to corporate health management, this function is expected to be utilized for telemedicine at medical institutions and for collaborative services in other industries. At the same time, since the promotion of remote and contactless health management is an international issue. Therefore, the aim is to rollout these services globally.

NTT DATA will continuously work with various business partners to support people’s healthy lives and create a safe and secure society.