Open Banking CoE


Open Banking Center of Excellence and New Banking Platforms

The era of Open Banking has forced financial institutions to operate in a new, expanded and improved ecosystem that has disrupted the traditional patterns that dominated the financial business model. This paradigm shift has forced financial institutions to become digital and open to new ventures


everis and NTT DATA have developed a complete range of products and services to meet market needs. We have gathered resources, knowledge and a global team dedicated to the practice of Open Banking in order to revamp production models, increase innovation and improve competitive advantages for our customers.

| Open Banking Regulation and New Business Models 


► We advise our clients on regulatory compliance and impact on business, transactions, digital channels, security and technology platforms.

► We provide strategic and business consulting services to accelerate market positioning strategies, meet new challenges and generate new digital business and innovation initiatives.

Digital Banking Platforms

We develop and implement state-of-art, scalable and efficient banking platforms that add value to our clients.


The evolution of traditional banking cores and the appearance of a new generation of cloud-native core banking platforms have made the modernization of banking platforms more accessible. At everis we design and execute the strategic modernization plan considering different aspects: progressive modernization or greenfield tech stack.   

Partner Ecosystem Management

The Open Banking environment makes critical for companies to be able to manage the relationship with suppliers and third parties. They need to minimize friction processes and promote the development of initiatives and new ventures. Therefore, it is key:


⇒ Enable business models between various parties.

⇒ Improve developers’ experience and participation in the process. 

⇒ Foster innovation, allowing different partners and systems to exchange and combine their offering.

⇒ Simplify and coordinate end-to-end sales processes


We rely on NTT DATA API Hub, an accelerator that provides platforms with independence and security from third parties, with a base of business domains that enable easy and secure connections.

API & Microservies: Consulting and Development

Our team has a deep expertise applied to new digital architectures:


⇒ Conceptualization, design and API development.

⇒ Access control, biometrics and behavior analysis.

⇒ Multi-cloud and hexagonal banking architectures, and microservices development with a DDD (Domain Driven Design) and EDA (Event Driven Architecture) approach.

⇒ DevSecOps platforms automation to guarantee the process of a continuous secure deployment.

⇒ Tailor-made architecture development for our clients.

⇒ Cloud migration services.


Besides, everis has its own low-code platform, Dedalow, which can be easily adapted to clients’ architectures



everis leads NTT DATA’s global Open Banking practice developing an entire suite of products and services to meet market needs. As a result, NTT DATA’s Open Banking practice has been recently positioned as a Leader in the Everest Group’s Open Banking IT Services PEAK® Matrix Assessment 2020.