Privacy Policy of the app “Okaeshi”

Data Controller

The Data Controller is Everis Spain, S.L.U., with tax ID no. B82387770

  • Address: Avenida de Manoteras 52, 28050, Madrid, Spain.

The Controller has a Data Protection Office to assist with and clarify any aspects related to the current Privacy Policy and the processing of personal data.


Your personal data is processed for the purpose of offering and receiving feedback on your professional performance. OKAESHI is a self-development tool for professionals, where your data will be only processed in order to make this valuable information available to you. Under no circumstances shall any action capable of producing legal or similar effects on you be carried out using the information processed.

Data shall be processed and stored while you remain active in the application. If you wish to delete your account, your data will also be deleted, while still ensuring the study conclusions remain anonymous and statistical.

Data to process

In order to manage the feedback flow between employees, general and identification information will be processed: names and surnames, age, job position, work schedule, main functions, office location.

Likewise, it is possible that personal data may be included in user opinions. However, this will always be linked to your professional performance.

Your data may also be processed in order to help resolve any doubts you may have regarding the use of OKAESHI or to provide technical support.

OKAESHI obtains information of the user's interaction with the application through Google Analytics, Crashlytics and Firebase.


We will only process your data if we have your free, enlightened, affirmative and unequivocal consent. Likewise, your consent will be understood in the restrictive sense, inextricably linking the processing of your personal data and conditioning it to the terms you accepted and the detailed information found in this Privacy Policy.

It is worth reiterating that your acceptance of this data processing is purely voluntary, and there will be no consequences should you decide not to accept this Policy.


It is understood that the data to be processed are sensitive, and that their processing requires us to be diligent with regard to their confidentiality and secrecy.

In this sense, we guarantee that your data will not be processed by third-party companies or entities. Your data will only be processed by a limited group of everis employees from the Everis Spain S.L.U. IT department, who will have access to your information in order to perform their tasks.


As a data subject, you may revoke your given consent at any time and exercise your rights to:

  • Access
  • Rectify
  • Delete
  • Oppose
  • Limit processing
  • Portability

Said rights shall be approved provided that the requirements and circumstances established in the applicable regulation are applied.

To exercise said rights, you may use any of the following channels:

In order to process your application more effectively, please indicate the following as a reference: “Exercising rights”.

Finally, we would also like to inform you of your right to submit a claim before the Spanish Data Protection Agency should you be aware of or suspect an event to be non-compliant with the applicable data protection law.