Innovative solutions for improved efficiency by everis

These are changing times. Traditional operators focus on efficiency and on new products and services as a source for additional revenue generation. Customers are evolving digitally and require greater flexibility, simplicity and transparency in relation to operators, TTO companies and other agents that make up the new ecosystem of communications and media companies.


At everis, our mission is to make a difference in the market by focusing on promoting new methodologies and technologies to improve efficiency. We develop innovative solutions to increase revenue and shorten development cycles.


We explore new business models to connect with customers and lead the transformation that is underway, under co-investment and co-responsibility models.

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Eva Labarta

Eva Labarta

Head of Europe

CEO of everis Brazil since 2013 and Head of Telecommunications in Europe, she has been a lead partner for business development in everis Public Sector for six years and manager of the company. Her specialization areas include business management, new business development and consulting & IT services. Eva has a degree in Economics and Business from the University of Barcelona and a Master in Business Administration from ESADE.

Alberto de los Rios

Alberto de los Ríos

Head of Europe

He has a successful career track record in IT Consultant companies as well as in the Telecom sector. He joined everis 16 years ago as a new Telecommunications Manager and was promoted to Partner in 2000. He has held several positions as Telefónica Customer Manager, Country Manager at everis Italy, Telefónica Global Account Partner, Madrid Office Director and today is the head of the Commercial Strategy Area.