everis to display its IoT solutions at IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona
Thursday, 28 September, 2017

Bellair, Tritón, Volumétrico and Monone are just a few of the devices that everis will display in the stand C390 at this year's IOT Solutions World Congress, where more than 250 international leaders will analyse the impact of the Internet of Things on sectors such as manufacturing, healh, energy & utilities, transport, infrastructure, retail, agriculture and mining, among others.

In this context, everis will show some of the devices it has developed to solve some of today's greatest worries: How can we measure the quality of air we breathe in real time and at a low cost? What methods allow us to do so? How can a company track the location of all of its assets wherever and whenever? How can this be done without incurring in high costs?

Additionally, Fernando Monzón, manager of IoT at everis, will give a speech on "IoT Networks secure access and management" on the 5th of October.